Westcott Business Incubation Centre

The Westcott Space Cluster is situated in the Enterprise Zone of Westcott Venture Park and aims to be become globally recognised as an integral part of the UK space sector growth strategy, boasting an unrivalled reputation for supporting rocket and satellite enabled demonstrator projects for real-world applications.

The Westcott BIC work closely with numerous organisations on the site including the 5G Step-out Centre and look forward to welcoming other planned investments, including the UK Space Agency’s National Propulsion Test Centre, Reaction Engines’ rocket engine test facility and the Westcott Innovation Centre among many others.

In addition, many other organisations are located nearby focused on propulsion, UAV development and next generation resilient communication networks. See westcottspacecluster.org.uk/companies for more details.

Westcott 5G Step-out Centre

The Westcott 5G Step-out Centre (SoC) offers a unique 5G facility to test and develop new services and products by accessing the latest wireless applications service equipment and satellite data without the need to invest in expensive infrastructure.

Westcott provides a secure, controlled environment in a rural location with poor terrestrial coverage, allowing for testing of new infrastructure without the risk of causing interference to existing systems.

Westcott Business Innovation Centre

The West Business Innovation Centre will complement the 5G Step-Out Centre and the Westcott Business Incubation Centre and will be funded by the Satellite Applications Catapult and the Buckinghamshire Local Enterprise Partnership (Bucks LEP).

Subject to planning permission, the Innovation Centre will include a 12,000 sq ft office and engineering training facility that will be developed and let to The Satellite Applications Catapult on a 15 year lease.