Westcott Business Incubation Centre

The Westcott Business Incubation Centre is currently home to eight early-stage businesses working across propulsion, 5G, and UAV technologies.  Find out more about how you can join them Рapply here.


LiftMeOff aims to provide novel in-orbit transit solutions for the small satellite market through the development of dedicated bolt-on space services. See www.liftmeoff.com.


MeDEUS employ hybrid fixed-wing drones in the health field, transporting blood samples and safely and rapidly transporting organs between hospitals, enhancing the UK’s transition to an opt-out system in 2020.

Nickless Technologies

Nickless Technologies are focusing on making the unmanned autonomous vehicle market more accessible to businesses with the development of a drone platform with advanced sense-and-avoid capabilities.


Protolaunch are focused on providing low-cost access to space for small payloads below 50kg. Their technology makes reliable access to space a reality for SmallSat operators marking a breakthrough innovation in spaceflight that is primed to radically transform the historical industry reliance on current rideshare options. See www.protolaunch.co.uk.

Puffin Systems

Puffin Systems provide the permanent and mobile infrastructure necessary to accelerate the adoption of drones and their applications in order to fully exploit the benefits they can offer society.

SteamJet Space Systems

SteamJet Space Systems is developing an extremely safe and compact water-based propulsion system for CubeSats and Small Satellites. Their propulsion unit allows satellites to stay longer in space, operate in constellations, perform orbital manoeuvres and de-orbit at the end of their mission. See steamjet.space.


Stratian is on a mission to help UK businesses increase productivity by combining drone and satellite technology. They provide a range of drone surveying and inspection services to customers in the built environment sector and are also working on a software product of their own using both drone and satellite data. See www.stratian.co.uk.


Valerann is a UK start-up creating next-generation traffic management systems for highways. Their wireless, multi-sensory technology replaces cat’s eyes with IoT devices, which wireless communicate with their cloud control centre, turning roads into data generating infrastructure. Valerann roads provide tools to reduce congestion, improve safety, and support autonomous vehicles. See www.valerann.com.