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Space Innovators: October 2019

By Sam Amy - September 24th, 2019 | Posted in Events

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30 October - 2pm

30 October - 4pm

Westcott BIC
Westcott Venture Park
HP18 0NX

Space Innovators BW General CC

Please join us on Wednesday 30 October for our Westcott Space Innovators networking event. There will be coffee, cakes, and plenty of networking opportunities. This month, we are excited to introduce you two new start-ups that have recently joined our Incubation Centre. Chang Liu, CEO and founder of Extend Robotics, and Rohan Dsilva of Space Forms, they will be speaking about their innovative technologies.

Extend RoboticsAbout Extend Robotics:

Extend Robotics is developing a non-conventional drone platform. It flies and perches with two robotic arms, which is guided by virtual reality technology over 5G internet. It works as a physical avatar of the user, to perform manipulation tasks remotely. By offering human-level dexterity at zero risk, it is a perfect tool to help industrial operators to perform installation and maintenance tasks in hard to reach confined high spaces. So that they can get the work done safer, faster and cheaper. The core of the Extend Robotics is to digitise the physical work to create scalable AI in robotic, while insuring rapid and smooth early adoption.

sconst logo v 0 6About Space Forms:
Space Forms aims to build space drones for autonomous inspection and maintenance of satellites and space structures. Our long term vision is to advance key technologies to make autonomous construction and assembly in space a reality.

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