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Space Innovators: February 2020

By Sam Amy - January 29th, 2020 | Posted in Events

Event Details

26 February 2pm

26 February 4pm

Westcott Venture Park
Building 424
Westcott, Aylesbury
HP18 0NX

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Join us on the 26 February for coffee and cake at our monthly Space Innovators networking event.

This month, Tom Greenwood, the London & South East Regional Ambassador from ESA Business Applications will be presenting at Space Innovators. We will also be joined by two of our newest incubatees. Thomas Clayton, Founder of Magdrive, and Rafael Cepeda Lopez, Co-Founder CEO of Altar Ltd. Come along to hear about the fantastic work they are developing.

Make sure to register to attend and we will see you on Wednesday 26 February at 2pm.

Presentation Details

In ESA Business Applications our aim is to show that space is open for business and has the power to improve our everyday lives on Earth. We do this by helping companies to integrate space data and technology into commercial services.

Successful applicants receive:
– Zero-equity funding (from €60k to €2M+ per activity).
– A personalised ESA consultant.
– Technical & commercial guidance.
– Access to our network of partners.
– Credibility of the ESA brand.

We are particularly interested in applications of space technology to previously untapped consumer markets.


Altar Ltd – DON (Drone off Network) is Altar’s solution to give coffee growers in small- and medium-sized farms immediate information about their crops and land at low cost.

Magdrive – Magdrive is developing the next generation of spacecraft propulsion systems to revolutionize space travel. Our entirely electric system replaces inefficient and hazardous chemical propulsion systems, allowing customers to save significantly on launch costs while increasing spacecraft capabilities. Magdrive is initially targeting the rapidly growing low Earth orbit, small satellite market. To validate the Magdrive concept, a proprietary suite of 3D plasma simulation tools have been developed. These demonstrate that the Magdrive thruster provides an extremely attractive specification for satellites operating in low earth orbit, geostationary orbit and for deep space travel. Magdrive is now looking to develop a lab based prototype of the thruster in 2020

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