March Space Innovators

Westcott Space Innovators is a monthly networking event held at Westcott Business Incubation Centre. This month it will take place at 2pm on Wednesday 27 March.

We will be joined by Sammy Graham, Propulsion Engineer and Chemist at European Astrotech.

Launch Sites Around the World

European Astrotech performs test, fuelling and pressurisation activities on spacecraft prior to launch vehicle integration. This work entails 2-4 week campaigns at launch sites around the world. It requires cooperation with launch site safety, support personnel, spacecraft teams, range services, launch vehicle customers, as well as assimilation of local customs, culture and environment.

Each launch site has its own strengths and weaknesses, making every launch campaign different and each presenting unique obstacles to overcome. The UK has a fantastic opportunity to create a new Launch Site from a blank slate. By learning lessons from existing launch sites, we may hand pick the facilities, processes, organisation and arrangement of our Space Port to minimise shortcomings and improve overall Space Port efficiency and performance.

Summarising the experiences from 7 different launch sites around the globe from the point of view of a propulsion engineer, Sammy will provide insight into existing launch sites and inspire some ideas about how the UK might build a progressive and improved Launch Site for future launch vehicle customers and satellite manufacturers.

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Westcott Business Incubation Centre, Westcott Venture Park, Buckinghamshire, HP18 OXB

27/03/2019 2pm

27/03/2019 4pm